What you need to know about UFC betting

UFC betting: a fascinating spectacle and big winnings

UFC betting online is very popular in Russia and other countries. The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship (referred to as the “Ultimate Fighting Championship”), is an American MMA federation that has existed since 1993. The organization gradually absorbed others over the years, thanks to which it grew to a very impressive size, having at its disposal a number of players from all over the world.

Mixed martial arts is an interesting and slightly unusual sport. It’s the same as a volleyball player going against a basketball player and they started to decide who plays better. In the ring there are also athletes representing different types of martial arts. So every time it comes out so exciting that the number of fans of this discipline is constantly growing.

Within the framework of the UFC, fights are organized in the octagon, that is, an octagonal cage. The fight consists of 3 rounds of 5 minutes, while the fight for the championship and the fight of the evening – 5 rounds of 5 minutes.


UFC odds

Odds are an important point of interest to all UFC Parimatch betting customers. After checking quotes for different positions on MMA games, we can say that the margin varies between 4-6%.

More often they bet on the result of the meeting, because this is the simplest bet. Especially if there is a favorite and an outsider. But in this case, high coefficients can not be expected. The more predictable the result, the more often they bet on it, then the bookmakers are forced to lower the quotes in order to pay off all the winners later.

If you want to take risks, you can look at the bets on a draw. Such an end is very rare for fights, so the odds are pleasant. Although the risk is really great just to lose money. By the way, if the list does not have a draw, but such a result nevertheless turned out, you should immediately ask how they will calculate it, because some bookmakers consider a draw to be a loss for the client. To avoid this, you need to choose reliable offices, register, and have your own account and entrance to the Parimatch website. There are almost always bets on totals and odds.

Fighters can end the fight ahead of schedule. Here, too, there are nuances. At the first bets in a new office, you need to ask all the calculations, as well as look at the calendar of all fights scheduled in the near future and compare with the calendar from a specialized portal. This will help you stay up to date with all events. And, you may have to look for another bookmaker if this one does not offer a list of all the fights of interest to the client.

You can bet at a UFC bookmaker at least every day, but you don’t need to get carried away so much that you forget about strategies and analysts before the meeting, which is necessary to understand what kind of pair to make.

Money betting

UFC betting tips may vary. This sport has only recently existed, but all over the world, users who love bookmakers have managed to make money on it. Reviews show that the UFC betting app offers very high limits available to people playing for solid amounts. In the practice of betting, I came across such a concept as “catching up”. That is, you start betting on KFK or other sports on one conditional unit worked out for you.

After that, in case of an unfavorable result, the amount should be doubled. So you need to continue to do so until you reach certain indicators in the form of winnings. The need to double the amount often leads to the fact that the company’s limits do not allow it. The advice is to bet on the UFC with a reputable company like Parimatch. When replenishing your account, you must use:

  • bank card;
  • WebMoney system;
  • paypal system;
  • Neteller and so on!

You can choose any of these methods. Available withdrawals to different electronic wallets – an application for a bank card is processed a little longer.
The UFC occupies a significant place in the bq lineup. You can bet on possible fights, specific rounds of fights, and so on. As for the company’s margin for this sport, it is presented in the amount of 10%. That is, with equal results, you can count on odds of 1.9 – keep this in mind when you are forming a strategy.

How to win in UFC betting

To place a UFC bet and not lose money, you need to prepare for the fight. The process of training an experienced gambler is no less complicated and stressful than training a mixed martial arts fighter. Of course, the muscles involved in this are not the muscles, but the brain, but the calorie consumption from this is no less.

First of all, you should study the performance of athletes in their extreme fights. The ratio of wins, losses and draws is subjected to analysis. Important information is the number of knockout wins: it is hardly a reasonable decision to knock out a fighter who simply does not know how to knockout.
But that is not all. Be sure to take into account the style of the athlete and his effectiveness in battles with representatives of different styles. For example, if a muay thai fighter brilliantly performed against representatives of striking styles, do not rush to carry all the money to the bookmaker if he is waiting for a meeting with a fighter. Study the performance in fights with wrestlers – unpleasant surprises can await you.

Having gained experience and learned the basics of analyzing fighting competitions, you can master new heights – learn to bet on the UFC online. This is a very special kind of game, when the odds and odds change literally every minute. Such a tension of passions and adrenaline is difficult to obtain even in the most gambling games.
You can use different betting strategies by collecting entire accumulators from several events. The coefficients in such forecasts are multiplied, increasing the chances of making tangible profits. Any guessed early victory will allow you to hit the jackpot, since the odds for such a result very often please with their size. When looking for a UFC betting strategy, it is better to immediately study the possible types of bets in bookmakers:

  • victory in a specific round;
  • knockout by one of the fighters;
  • which round will be the last;
  • in what time period the battle will be completed;
  • what kind of victory will be the culmination of the duel!

Your bets may not always be justified, because in this sport only one accurate blow can cause an early victory. Of course, the strategy can be based on statistics, but very often unpredictable things happen and champions fall to the floor when no one expects it.

UFC пари матч

UFC Total Rounds Betting

If all players are equal in ability, the bookmaker may offer another type of total round.
Important! A typical game lasts 3 rounds of five minutes each. However, title fights usually last five rounds of five minutes each. This information, when betting on total rounds, is the most important.

UFC Parlays

Single bets may not be arranged for various reasons: small odds, small limits. Multiple bet is a bet on several different events. Some bookmakers allow you to take different options from one sporting event.
When betting on fights, there are many factors to consider. Most often, top fights are preceded by a huge promotional campaign that lasts for several months. They seek to stir up interest in the confrontation of two athletes in different ways, creating a true or false noise around this event. This can affect the final result or be empty news, so the right analysis and strategy will eventually lead to a profit.

Victory depends on the level of training of the fighter, about which you can not always find a lot of information. Here you will have to listen to your own intuition when trying to bet on a round or other exclusive results. For example, you can choose in which time period the battle will end, which is not so difficult to predict if two strong opponents meet in the ring. Very often they bring the matter to the decision of the judiciary, shifting all the responsibility onto their shoulders. Or you can play on the total rounds, earning a significant amount in the “UFC Live betting” mode during the meeting.


Is it possible to win on bets?

Gambling on mixed martial arts will allow you to occupy yourself with interest and benefit in the process of reviewing the next evening of fights. Your strategy will definitely bring the desired success if it has an idea.

What bets can be made?

You can make a single prediction for a large amount, or you can make several accurate hits from individual winners by multiplying all the coffees among themselves.

Is Bq Parimatch reliable for UFC betting?

YES! Win with your favorite athletes, get aesthetic pleasure from what is happening on the screen and improve your financial situation after the next successfully predicted bet.