What you need to know about UFC betting

During the whole history of martial arts, fans have been worried about the eternal question – whose style is more effective. Will a karate fighter beat a sambo wrestler, and will a judo wrestler beat a kickboxer? In 1993, one group of comrades tried to give a detailed answer to this rhetorical question. That’s how the first Ultimate Fighting Championship or simply Parimatch UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) came about.

UFC fighters

At that time fighters were more orthodox in their fighting skills, and it was impossible to confuse a taekwondo wrestler with a Greco-Roman wrestler, even visually. There were no weight classes, no rules, except that you couldn’t gouge your eyes or bite. Everything else, imagine, was not forbidden. There was also no time limit on the bout, so fights were fought before the knockout. That was a good time. Now it’s all different. The fighters are much more versatile, they have their own base – punching or wrestling. Some came from soccer, hockey and basketball, but they’re exceptions.

UFC rules

Fighting takes place in the octagon, or, as it is also called, the octagon. Current rules of fights are as follows: rating fights – 3 rounds 5 minutes, main events or title fight take place by the system 5 rounds 5 minutes. In each weight class there is a certain number of athletes, ranked according to the rating. Accordingly, the more victories and the higher the level of defeated opponents, the closer the path to the coveted belt.

UFC weight classes

Each weight class in Pari match UFC has not only its own champions, but also those, who constantly try to remove them from the throne. That’s what makes every single event so good – the challenger challenges the titleholder, and the fights turn out to be fierce and emotional.

Let’s name all the UFC champions and title contenders by weight classes.

  • The lightest weight (under 57 kg)

This is a place to fight strong, but very light men. The current champion is Brandon Moreno, who sensationally took the belt from the dominant Deiveson Figueredo.

  • The lightest weight (-61 Kilo)

Here the belt is held by Aljamain Sterling. In an amazing, even unique way, he wins the belt.

Petr Jan made a very grave mistake in the fight and hit Sterling, standing on all fours, and Sterling, being not a fool, played dead and refused to continue the fight. Ian was disqualified, Sterling was declared the champion.

  • Bantamweight (<66 Kilo)

Currently, on the throne is Alexander Volkanovski, but his successful defense of the title against Max Holloway has caused a lot of questions from the experts and a lot of indignation from the fans.

  • Lightweight (under 70 kg)

After Khabib Nurmagomedov finished his career, several fighters claimed the status of champion. But Dana White made a good job of it, arranged several fights and the champion now, quite deservedly, is Charles Oliveira.

  • The welterweight (under 77 kg)

The welterweight title is firmly and assuredly dominated by Camaroo Ousmane, and it’s impossible to imagine that anyone will be able to compete with him in the near future.

  • Middleweight (- 84 kg)

Israel Adesanya holds this belt in this class. He has beaten all the contenders and even moved up to a higher category for the belt, but unsuccessfully. In the middleweight division, Adesanya is a real king!

  • Light-heavyweight (under 93 kg)

Jan Blachowicz reigns in this category. The Polish fighter blossomed late, but he deserves the belt. He not only destroys opponents from his division, but also does not let “aliens” from other divisions to the title.

  • Heavyweight (over 93 Kilo)

Francis Ngannou is the champion here. Alexander Volkov lost his title shot to Cyril Gagne and now has to start a new title run. What’s interesting is that Cyril Gan and Francis Ngannou started their MMA journey under the same trainer in France, but they parted ways. Their fight for the belt will be insanely intriguing!

How to bet on the UFC

Betting on mixed style fights is rapidly gaining momentum. So now let’s try to figure out what the rulers might be, and what’s the best thing to pay attention to. If we are guided by our intuition, then this text does not matter, but if we are going to bet a little more far-sightedly, we’ll have to figure out what’s what. For example, the most expected fight of all in Parimatch Pakistan, Peter Ian vs Aljamein Sterling, will take place on October 30, 2021. The most primitive thing is to bet on a particular fighter, according to the quotes. But it’s not that simple.

Knockouts, painful holds, chokes

Let’s take the fight between Jan and Sterling as an example and look at the approximate rulers that can enrich us immeasurably. In addition to betting on the fighter, there is an opportunity to load up on the method of victory. Jan is a great knockout fighter, with killer punches from both hands, so you can bet on him to win early by knockout, and in which particular round. As for Sterling, he is a great fighter, and of course he is going to take his opponent to the ground, where he is very good at stifling techniques. That’s why I’d be willing to bet on him winning any round by submission.

Victory on points

There is another option, which is quite possible in this fight. It is a victory of this or that competitor on the points. Conor, again, has not the best stamina, the fight is very exhausting, so we can conclude that the victory on the points will most likely go to Khabib. Everything, of course, is very relative because it’s sport, but pre-match predictions say that if there will be a knockout, then most likely Conor will win in the early rounds, if on points or in the later rounds, then we may give preference to Khabib. Again, we are talking about specific athletes. For others, we will give completely different variations.

Live betting on UFC

It is no secret that the odds change during the fight, and it is possible to guess the highest odds, betting on the Parimatch UFC live. However, caution must be exercised. A simple example is Justin Gagey. This is a fighter who loves to trade punches and show real chopping, sometimes knocking back those very punches with his face, and even falling into knockdowns. It would seem that the man is ruefully losing the fight and is about to get knocked out. The odds on him immediately go up. But you have to understand that Gagey is a very strong-willed athlete with a strong head and a cannon punch that he is able to let loose even when his own head is ready to separate from his body and fly away to the back rows. Betting on his victory, when it seems that defeat is just around the corner, you can pick up a decent score.

If there is an opportunity to bet on crown techniques, it is worth taking advantage of this. We can try to bet on U-Turn kicks, as Edson Barboza is an excellent performer of those moves. For example, our fighter Alexey Oleinik is known worldwide for his name choke “Oleinik-Choke”.