What is a handicap in sports betting

The European Handicap is a type of bet in which the advantage of the team in advance is conditioned by the offered handicap. In the European handicap in contrast to the usual handicap betting there are three options for the outcome (victory of one of the teams or a draw), and also the possibility of a bet refund is excluded.

Important: European Parimatch handicap is often confused with betting on the normal handicap. In foreign bookmakers, the European handicap (another name – 3Way) is considered basic and is used by default, in domestic companies it is not as popular and is usually in a separate category of betting choices and may not have the prefix “European”, being simply called “handicap”.

Example of a European Handicap

To understand what the “European Handicap” bet means, let’s look at its example in the line for a match between Southampton and Liverpool. The home team (Southampton) is considered by the bookmakers to be an outsider.

The European handicap of 2-0 means that Southampton will start with a two-goal advantage. Then the bookmaker office offers 3 betting options: P1 (home team win), X (draw) and P2 (away team win). Accordingly, a handicap of 0:2 implies exactly the same, only with a deliberate advantage for the guests.

How the European handicap is calculated

Calculation of bets on the European Handicap also consider the example of the match “Southampton” – “Liverpool”. Let’s assume that the match ended in a Liverpool victory with a score of 1:3. Taking into account the handicap, the score in the match would have been 3-3. That means the win is brought by the handicap 2-0 + X bet. In this case the other two options (“handicap 2-0 + P1” and “handicap 2-0 + P2”) will lose, because taking into account the added advantage Southampton won neither he nor Liverpool.

Simply put, in order for the bet to win, it is necessary to guess the outcome of the meeting, taking into account the handicap in Pari match (2:0, 1:0, 0:2, etc.).

In addition to betting on the European Handicap in the main time, some domestic legal bookmakers have options for such bets in each of the halves.

In general, the European handicap, as already mentioned, remains unpopular among Pakistani players and among Pakistani bookmakers. It is used more by experienced amateur bettors. For those who are new to the field, we recommend to start with the simpler types of bets.

In this type of betting, there is no probability of refunds, which makes the odds on outsiders higher – this factor is often considered an advantage of the European handicap. However, this leads to its main disadvantage: there are no refunds, and therefore the risks increase.

What is a handicap in sports betting

Pari match handicap is an event that means a preponderance of one team over another in a specific number of points. Handicap (handicap) has this form in the line: handicap 2:0, handicap 0:1, etc. The task of the bettor is to choose the outcome of the match, taking into account the proposed handicap.

For example, at a handicap betting 1:0, the player chose the outcome of P2. It means that initially, 1 goal is added to the starting score 0:0 for the home team – as if the game starts with the score 1:0. Consequently, the visiting team will not be enough to win by 1 goal – it is necessary to win the match with a bigger difference for the bet to play. Winning

A win by 2 goals will be enough – if the real score of the match will be, for example, 1:3, the bet will be calculated as a win: after all, the score including the handicap is 2:3 and the bet was made on P2.

What is the difference between a handicap and a handicap

The difference between a handicap and a handicap is that the game is played on three outcomes. In the case of a handicap the player often chooses between two events, for example, between F1 (-1) or F2 (+1). In this case the Asian handicap does not imply the calculation of bets refund, what it is similar to a handicap. But the European version of the handicap is different from the handicap – when betting on the European handicaps, players can get a return on the bet. For example, if a prediction was made on a plus handicap of F1 (+3) and the teams played to a score of 2:5 – the bet will calculate the return.

Asian Handicap in Sports Betting

Asian handicap is a fractional score difference between the teams, for example -3.25, +2.75. There are also double Asian handicaps. The difference from the for is that here a partial return of the bet is possible. The bet amount for such an event is divided in two between the adjacent simple handicaps: that is, if you bet on -1.75, the first half of the bet goes to -1.5, and the second half goes to -2. There is this betting option in virtually all bookmaker’s offices.

How to calculate the Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap is calculated as follows: For example, let’s take a bet on Handicap 1 (-1.25) with odds 2.00. It is a hybrid of two bets and – on F1 (-1) and F1 (-1.5). The par value of the bet will be divided into 2 equal parts: one will be calculated at F1 (-1), the other at F1 (-1.5). Let’s assume the teams played out 1-0, the par value of the bet was 1000. The player will get a return of 500, because F1 (-1) was a return, and F1 (-1.5) was a loss. If the teams had played 2-0, the bet would have been won in full of a win of 2,000.

European Handicap in Sports Betting

Technically, this is a betting option in which a specific exact score is added for betting on an outcome. For example, you bet on a draw with a handicap (0:2). This means that the bet can only play if the home team wins 2-0.

How to Calculate a European Handicap

To calculate European handicaps, the scheme is simpler than in the case of Asian handicaps. For example, you bet on P1 with a handicap of 1 (0:2) for odds of 3.00. To the final result of the meeting, the player must add the exact score of 0:2. For example, the teams played out 3-1. Add 0:2 to make it 3:3. The bet was on P1, therefore we lose. If the team had won by 3+ goals, e.g. 6:2, the final result would have been 6:4 – then the bet would have been a win.

With which bets to replace the European and Asian Handicap

Bookmakers offer to replace handicaps with standard handicaps. It makes no difference whether to use negative handicaps or positive handicaps – this is the most convenient alternative for replacing handicaps. It is also possible to substitute two types of bets: winning by N goals (1-2 goals, 2-4 goals, etc.), as well as the exact score. The second case is especially relevant when betting on the handicap draw, because for the passage of such a bet is possible to a minimum of specific game results.


In a bookmaker’s office, it is possible to make a bet on the preponderance of one team over the other – these are handicap bets. A distinctive feature before handicaps in handicaps is the absence of returns when calculating the bet. Handicaps can be Asian and European, by analogy with handicaps. It is handicaps that players can replace handicaps when placing bets on various sports.