How to bet on soccer matches online

football betting tips

The main advantages of betting on soccer

Low margin

As previously stated, bookmakers are engaged in a fierce struggle, if not an all out war, for fans to bet on soccer. And thanks to this frantic competition, bookmakers have to inflate soccer betting quotes in an attempt to somehow outbid the competition. For this reason it is understandable that most bookmakers’ betting odds for soccer are usually 5-7 points higher than other popular sports such as tennis or hockey.

High betting limits

Soccer is the number one sport! This is the reason for the fact that in the bookmakers’ offices, the soccer line is significantly distinguished by the highest betting limits. Usually, serious bookmakers offer the opportunity to bet up to 20 thousand dollars on a single game, and sometimes the limit can reach more than one hundred thousand dollars. In important soccer matches, even the spread is allowed to bet more than in other sports on the main outcomes of matches.

A huge selection of TV broadcasts

Of course, the most televised sport is soccer, which gives betting enthusiasts an advantage because you always have the opportunity to watch the game on TV. This is especially important for betting fans in live mode.

Cons of soccer betting

Small number of forks

Betting on soccer is the most popular dish of bookmakers, for this reason, bookmakers pay special attention to its preparation – placing quotes on matches in this sport. Excessive quotes on soccer matches in the bookmakers’ offices are very rare, because after the publication of the line, the offices start to look at each other and regularly adjust the quotes. Therefore, too high odds can be found only for minor tournaments, where the betting limit is too low.

Prompt reaction to all changes in the odds before the matches

Bookmakers react very quickly to even the slightest changes in the pre-match layouts, including backstage struggle, unexpected injuries and illnesses, etc. Each online bookmaker has a staff of good informants, so it is difficult to imagine how powerful the system of notification in bookmakers, because often even insiders do not have time to make their bets before the line is corrected.

The main types of bets on soccer

Bets on outcomes. This includes all the results of the main time of the match: wins for each team and a draw. On the main outcomes most often offered the highest odds and the smallest margin. It is on them that the greatest number of bets is made. And if with bets on the winner of the match all more or less understandable, then on a draw outcome may require clarification. So, the strategy of betting on the soccer draw is significantly different from other sports. If, for example, in hockey or basketball the draw results are quite rare, then in soccer the situation is different, so this outcome attracts more attention of the players of betting shops.

It is also possible to bet that there will not be a draw in the match, and that any of the teams will win. Just this betting option and serves as an answer to the question of many novice bettors about what 12 in football betting tips means. The answer is that a bet of 12 means a victory of either the first or the second team, and excludes a draw. That is, it is a bet that there will not be a draw in the match.

Handicap 1 in betting: what it is and when to choose.

Zero handicap: what a player needs to know

Total. What is total in soccer betting? This is the total number of goals scored in a match. The bookmaker indicates the value of the total, and you can bet on a higher or lower number in relation to this value. For example, betting on the total less than 3.5, you have to worry about that the teams together did not score more than 3 goals.

What does total mean in betting on soccer, basketball, hockey or tennis

The exact score. As easy to guess from the name, betting on the exact score, you are trying to guess the outcome of the match to within a goal. It is very difficult to do, that’s why the odds on the exact score are very high.

Other offers. Depending on the bookmaker’s office, the size of the rest of the line may include two or three positions, as well as several hundred original offers. You may be offered to guess the half-time score, if only one team will score or both teams will score, the number of yellow and red cards, substitutions, fouls and offsides, who will be the first to split the ball from the center of the field and throw in the touch, the author of the first goal and a lot of other funny positions.

Pre-match analysis: What to pay attention to when choosing a bet

There is no single correct answer to the questions about how to bet on soccer and how to guess the outcome of a soccer match. However, collecting all the necessary information before the match will greatly facilitate the task. Pre-match analysis and analysis of soccer matches is much easier than in tennis or singles sports, but this does not mean that it can be treated superficially. No matter what sport you want to bet on, pre-match analytics should be an integral part of your predictions. It’s time to figure out what you should pay special attention to before your first bet on soccer. So, how to correctly analyze the matches for betting?

The current form of the opponents. As with any other sport, the current form of the teams should be a key consideration for your bet. In order to properly assess the form of a team, it is best to watch the last few matches with its participation. If you do not have this opportunity, try to refer to the numbers. Pay attention to the last home matches of the team, if it plays at home, or the previous away matches, if it plays away. Evaluate the opponent’s similar numbers. Look at the last three or four matches of each team, read official interviews of the coaching staffs and leading players.

The history of face-to-face encounters. Of course, no one has cancelled the concept of “uncomfortable opponent” for soccer, and, therefore, you should familiarize yourself with this information. It often happens that after studying the history of confrontations, the view on a particular match changes exactly the opposite. Pay special attention to the teams’ face-to-face meetings at home and away.

Tournament position and motivation. Motivation in sports has always been the engine of results, and soccer is no exception. This is especially true for Pakistani championships, where teams that have solved their problems, have a habit of giving points to opponents with tournament problems.