A variety of cybersports disciplines

Betting on eSports in Parimatch

Betting on eSports in Parimatch

Cyber sports betting has become so popular that no bookmaker’s office is without a line on CS:GO and Dota 2 championships. The scale of online and LAN-tournaments is growing, the amount of prize money is increasing – all this affects the volume of bets on cybersports competitions.

The line on eSports in Parimatch, what to bet on?

Betting company “Parimatch” offers customers a fairly large selection of bets on cybersports. At the company’s website, cybersport is on the second place in the list of sports, only soccer is higher than it.

The number of disciplines on the bookmaker’s website depends on the number of active competitions. In the Parimatch esports betting company you can find lines on Dota 2, CS:GO, FIFA, Rainbow6, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Overwatch.

Live video games and odds

The cyber sports betting line-up is one of the broadest among all Russian bookmakers. But it should be noted that it depends on the discipline and the popularity of the tournament.

The maximum betting list at BK “Parimatch” is presented on Dota 2 and CS:GO, and it is not limited to the main outcomes (P1 and P2), and contains a forum (match and cards) and total (cards). Also, players can find a lot of additional markets: first blood, total time, even/odd kills, first ten kills.

Also, the bookmaker actively develops bets on cyber soccer. The list of significant matches in FIFA and PES tournaments is close to the games of “big” soccer. The same markets as in the traditional soccer lines are represented in the list: outcomes, handicaps, totals, both goals, etc.

As for less popular games, the bookmaker may limit itself to standard outcomes (P1 and P2).

The average margin in the pre-match is 6-8%, in the live betting it can be as high as 8.5%.

Live betting on eSports matches

You can bet on Parimatch esports online as well. Live betting line at Parimatch is almost as good as the prematch line. Information about games can be found in the tab on the left side of the home page.

Betting on various eSports disciplines

Cybersports include many disciplines: first-person shooters, MOBA games, and sports simulators. For all games are a huge number of online and LAN-tournaments.

The most popular among the clients of Parimatch are the following games:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) – a multiplayer computer game where players compete with each other for points (kills) and won battles. In the bookmaker’s line, there are several main types of bets:

  • Bets on the main outcomes P1 and P2;
  • Bets on card and round totals;
  • Bets on various handicaps and individual handicaps players.

Betting on CS:GO: strategies, where and how to bet

With Dota 2 began the history of the largest cybersports tournament International. It was first held in 2011 during the testing phase of the game. The prize fund of the first tournament was  1.6 million, and in 2019 the amount of prize money has already grown to 34.3 million. The main bets on Dota 2 include betting on outcomes, card totals, kill totals and handicaps on cards.

Betting on Dota 2: What to know and consider

Betting on FIFA (cyber soccer) is similar to betting on real soccer. Here the player can also bet on the victory of one of the teams (P1, P2), on the difference in the score (handicap) and on the number of goals scored (total). Depending on the popularity of the tournament, bookmaker may offer additional marquees: individual total, who will score first, exact score and more.

Betting on FIFA: what do I need to know?

How to bet on esports betting betting match

In order to start betting on cybersport competitions in BK Parimatch, you need to register on the official website of the company and pass identification. View the line on all cybersports competitions can be found on the left side of the main page in the tab “Cybersports”. Then you need to select the discipline and tournament, and then click on the odds of the outcome of interest. All information about the bet will appear in the coupon, where you can enter the amount and make a bet.

Rules and features

The bookmaker pays increased attention to cybersports and tries to attract more and more new players. BK Parimatch regularly offers customers promotions dedicated to cybersports. There are regular draws of prizes or bonuses, timed to the main events on Dota 2 and CS:GO.

No one doubts that soccer is the most popular sport. Naturally, bookmakers pay more attention to this sport – the soccer line is traditionally more extensive than other sports lines, in addition, it has a more impressive description, often has lower margins and much higher betting limits. What does someone who wants to bet on soccer needs to know? How to bet on soccer matches online? We tell you only the most important things.

The soccer betting line includes many options: bets on the outcome (victory of one of the teams or a draw), on the number of goals (from 0-0 to “hockey” results), on various handicaps, on the exact score, on the number of corners, yellow cards, fouls, shots on goal, substitutions, bets on the authors of goals, on the outcome of the first and second half, etc. Soccer betting is popular all over the world, and a good bookmaker offers more than 100 betting options for every match of a typical soccer championship. For matches of more modest leagues, there are not so many options for players, but all the most popular will certainly be presented in the line.

A large number of television broadcasts. Among other things, soccer is also the most televised sport in the world, so you’ll always have the opportunity to watch your bet play on television. This opens up a great opportunity to play live, which qualified players will undoubtedly appreciate. The strategy of betting on soccer in play is not much different from strategies in other sports: here as well

You need to have excellent knowledge, carefully follow the broadcast of the match, notice any changes in the course of the game and promptly respond to them timely bet or cancel the option that seemed successful initially.

The advantage of team sports. Due to the fact that soccer is a team sport, various unpleasant surprises in the form of poor health of an athlete or someone’s weak form do not affect the final result as clearly as it does in tennis, for example. That is why many specialists consider soccer betting to be much less risky than tennis betting, where you can lose all your money in an instant if one player is unwell, without any struggle.