Tips for beginners, how to bet Parimatch CS:GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the top 3 most popular disciplines in eSports. Every year large championships are held on CS:GO, and bookmakers expand their betting lineup. The main purpose of the article: to consider popular strategies, the main types of betting and their features. Learn which bookmakers better bet on CS:GO.

Parimatch CS:GO

Parimatch CS:GO tournaments

Before you get into CS:GO betting, get acquainted with types of tournaments. CS:GO has both regional and international championships. They can be divided into three classes:

  • Minors. These are the lower level tournaments where the weak and average teams meet. Successful performance in such competitions gives teams the right to play in more prestigious tournaments.
  • Majors. Championships of the highest level. You may get to Major through the qualifying minors or by the direct invitation of the organizers. Such tournaments are held twice a year (in spring and autumn). During the majors, bets on CS:GO are in the top cs go bet sites.
  • Top leagues. This is something in between the Minors and the Majors. Holds such championships large organizers – DreamHack, BLAST, ESL and IEM. Usually these tournaments are held on LAN (gaming arena) with a large prize pool and are considered to be prestigious.

The goal of any team is to make it to the Major. Winning the world championship and receiving MVP (Most Valuable Player) medal is considered to be the crowning glory of a eSportsman’s career.

Why you need this information: different tournaments mean different motivation. When betting on Parimatch CS GO, it is important to consider which championship teams are playing in. For example, the winners of the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Natus Vincere championship BLAST may not be a priority, so it is better not to bet on “born to win” (Natus Vincere nickname) in these competitions.

Where to start betting on CS:GO?

Find up-to-date information about the teams, see the world ranking of the teams, statistics of the last matches and much more. Rating shows a team’s position at the moment (usually it is updated after a major tournament). Important: The ranking does not always show the real situation, but it gives you a general idea about the strength of the teams. Evaluate the current form of the team according to the statistics of the last matches.

In Counter-Strike: Global offensive there is a concept of “uncomfortable opponent”. An obvious example: Natus Vincere (HLTV’s top 1) and G2 (HLTV’s top 2) often face each other. The teams are neighbors in the rating, but NaVi constantly beat “Samurai” (G2’s nickname). The teams met 8 times: Natus Vincere has 7 wins and G2 has only one. Conclusion: before making a bet on CS:GO, it is worth to study the statistics of personal meetings. Perhaps historically, it is uncomfortable for one team to play against the other.

Map pools are maps on which teams play (there are seven maps in competitive CS:GO). Before the start of the match, each club crosses out the weakest “map” and chooses the strongest, most prepared for the opponent. There’s a lot of valuable information to be found on cyber athletes’ social networks. Check out the Twitter or Instagram of the most media-savvy players. Sometimes “casers” report that there will be a substitute in an upcoming match. Insider “info” in this case is very useful: bookmakers are not yet aware of changes in the lineup, so the odds can look quite attractive.

CS:GO betting strategies

Betting on Pari match CS:GO should be done according to a pre-selected strategy. Analyze popular betting strategies.

Bet on the favorite

The simplest type of bet, which is suitable for beginners. For example, let’s take the match between MAD Lions and mousesports. According to the bookmaker, mousesports is the favorite of the confrontation. Let’s look at the position of the teams in the world rankings. MAD Lions are ranked 21st in the top and MOUZ is 13th. Let’s analyze the last matches of the opponents.

The results are about the same, but MAD Lions met against very weak teams (you can see it in their position in the world rankings). Mousesports played with the best teams in the world, so they will have an advantage. An experienced bettor would add: “mousesports have a stronger selection of individual players, a better mapping pool, better chemistry, and better prepared tactics.” Conclusion: when betting in CS:GO on the favorite, take into account the form of the team, assess the competitors’ condition and remember about the prestige of the competition. The teams played in an important championship.

Parimatch Betting on a handicap

Parimatch Betting on a card plus handicap (+1.5) is useful when the clear favorite and the underdog meet. What is a plus handicap (+1.5) on cards: most matches are played in a Bo3 format (played to two wins). If the team wins one card, a handicap (+1.5) bet will score.

Overdraft by Cards

Betting on overtaking CS:GO by cards is one of the most popular betting bets. Example: there is a match between Heroic and Evil Geniuses. Reasoning: “Heroic team is the favorite. So she must win at least one card. Bet $1,000 on Heroic winning the first card. If you lose, you double your bet (to come out ahead, $2,000) and “charge” again for a Heroic win on the second card.

What’s good about the catch-up bet: You’re not looking at the spades/ban of cards. It used to be that predictors would bet on the card the team picked (for example, Heroic picked nuke, and logically you should bet on that card). But modern Parimatch CS:GO has greatly transformed: very often the team wins the enemy pic. In this case, you need to analyze and determine the favorite, and then use the overtake strategy.

What’s wrong with the overtake bet: In rare cases, even the favorites fail and lose by a score of 0:2. But this disadvantage is a bit far-fetched because, in the end, the overtake bet pays off. Many forecasters lead their groups in social networks and use this strategy, which brings profit over a distance.

How to correctly bet on Major tournaments on CS:GO Parimatch?

Championships with the prefix Major – is a special category of tournaments, which should be approached with a special attitude. Major tournaments are held twice a year, so they are considered the most prestigious. Each time the organizers introduce new features (for example, invite singers to the opening). Watching the competition becomes fascinating, it is a spectacle one wants to enjoy. Read the tips to help when betting on Major:

Always skip the first game day, as it is difficult to objectively assess the teams’ form before the tournament. Watch the meetings in LIVE, analyze the duels and the individual preparation of the players. In addition, matches are played in Bo1 (playing one card) – this format is almost always to the advantage of the outsiders;

Wait for the decisive matches in the Bo3 format. When teams are playing for the playoffs and are one step away from relegation, start betting. At this stage you can already understand the form of the teams, and with what mood it came to the tournament;

Use the Parimatch CS:GO playoff catch-up strategy on the favorite in the playoffs. In the main stage, the teams have nothing to lose: they came to the Major and will go all-in to win at least one card at any cost.