Tips for beginners, how to bet CS:GO

Parimatch cs go or Counter Strike: Global Offensive is considered one of the most popular and successful projects in the segment of computer gaming. From a simple entertainment the game has turned into a whole ecosystem, including tournaments with multimillion prizes. Bookmakers responded to the rapid growth of popularity in their own way – top bookmakers offer their lines to place bets on CS:GO.

CS:GO and Bets: Introduction

Cybersports disciplines are serious competition to traditional sports, and bookmakers are responding by adding cybersports events to their lines. Pari match cs go is in the top three most popular disciplines, with an audience of over 10 million worldwide. The real boom in CS:GO betting occurred in 2013, that is, just a year after the release of the game. At that time, skins for the game appeared, which in some countries are even perceived as a material value, and therefore players could sell or buy them. Skins – a variety of themes design computer games, adding to its uniqueness and personality. Offices began to appear where players could bet skins from the game to play roulette, blackjack, or bet on the outcome of cybersport events. The betting shops were controversial because they did not adhere to the law, allowing everyone, including underage gamers, to play. Legitimate betting shops lost out on the competition, not allowing players under 18 to bet and accepting only money. Today, many such betting shops are under a ban as the legislation in the betting and gambling industry becomes more and more elaborate.

CS:GO tournaments

In general, there are many tournaments on CS:GO, both regional and international, but the most prestigious ones are the ones that capers choose to bet on. This category includes the Majors (ESL One, FACEIT, PGL, etc.). The geography of the competitions may vary, so pay attention to the prize pool. By the way, the largest prize pool played at the annual World Cyber Games (WESG). Top bookmakers use the most prestigious tournaments, but bookmakers with a bias towards eSports also use less popular events.

Types of CS:GO bets

Bets on the gamer matches are different from traditional sports. The list of events is divided into primary and secondary.


  • The main bets on Counter-Strike of the latest version include:
  • The outcome of the match. The victory of the first or second player (team) is determined – marked as P1 or P2.
  • Capper determines the winner of the first round.
  • Capper bets on the winner of the 16th round, which opens the second period of the confrontation.
  • The total of rounds in the match. The confrontation is played until one of the teams has not added to their asset 16 wins in rounds.
  • Handicap by rounds. A bet determines the advantage of one gamer (team), expressed in the number of rounds. Can be a plus or minus.
  • Exact score of the game. The game is played on two cards, so there are four possible scores – 2:0, 2:1, 1:2 or 0:2.
  • Capper bets on whether there will be overtime in a particular confrontation.
  • Even or odd number of rounds in the game is determined.

These outcomes are traditionally added to the line of bookmakers taking bets on CS:GO.


If the bookmaker is highly specialized, the bookmaker offers an extended line, including, in addition to the main outcomes, additional outcomes:

  • Bettors choose the team that first gets to the mark of 3, 5, 10 wins by rounds.
  • Will the score be 3-0 or 0-3 at the end of the starting three rounds?
  • Total number of kills (players killed) in the first round of the first and second period.
  • Will the team be able to get to a specific number of rounds won?
  • Who will be the winner of the rounds where knives and pistols are used?
  • The capper determines which way the team will win the first round of the starting and second period: defuse the mine, kill all opponents, explode the bomb, run out of time.
  • It is also possible to make combined bets (for example, combine the overall victory and predict the total of the rounds).

When it comes to the “Majors” with the largest prize pool, the capers can bet on statistical indicators – for example, the performance of a particular player. Top offices give the opportunity to bet in live mode.

How to bet on CS:GO?

In general, the algorithm for betting on events from the world of CS:GO is quite simple. Capper chooses a bookmaker’s office that accepts such bets. Then determines the outcome and the amount of the bet, but in eSports disciplines there are their pitfalls.

What you can bet on CS:GO

Considering the betting shops where you can play on CS:GO bets, it is important for the captors to understand that bookmakers are divided into two types: those that accept skins and those that accept real money. The first category includes illegitimate betting shops that are tied to Stream API service and accept bets mainly from minors. This is a direct violation of the laws of most countries, but the shops still exist and gather a huge audience of bettors. The second ones are legal, working under license. Domestic or foreign sites of this category accept only cash bets, and the line of events depends on the particular office.

CS:GO betting strategies

Returning to the basics of betting, experts focus on the fact that chaotic bets are the shortest way to drain the deposit. It is necessary to choose a clear strategy, regardless of your skill level. The advice is relevant both for beginners and experienced trader. Strategies are based on the basic types of bets that are relevant for pre-match and for play. The betting player needs to conduct a quality analysis of the upcoming event, including the following steps:

Tournament type. LAN tournaments are less dependent on external factors than online games. The latter are influenced by the quality of the player’s Internet connection. Force majeure can not be excluded.

Studying statistics. A mouthpiece should study the statistics of each participating team in detail – look through the latest results, determine on which cards they perform better. Not less useful will be viewing the rating of teams.

Team composition. Closely follow the news, in case the composition of the team changes. When there are only 5 players in the team, the level of their skill and experience is considered to be one of the key factors.

Condition of the players. At first glance, the factor is not crucial, since teams don’t play 1 on 1. But if one of the players feels tired after a long flight, or has any physical injuries, he will not be able to give his best.

Consequently, betting on CS:GO involves conducting statistics, collecting the necessary information, after which the trader is determined with a particular game strategy.