What to know and consider when betting on Dota 2

Betting on Dota 2

Dota 2 is very popular not only among fans, but also among fans of cyber sports betting. The game offers many conditions on which you can bet money and possibly make a profit. Since its release in 2011, Dota 2 has continued to grow in popularity. The essence of the game is a 5 on 5 battle between 2 teams, the team that first takes down the opponent’s throne wins. It seems simple, but digging deeper – there are many mechanics and subtleties of gameplay, to master which will require a lot of time. But it’s because of the rather high entry threshold into the game, Dota 2 so strongly attracts gamers. Even watching broadcasts of professional team matches brings fun: mind games in spades/bans, unexpected strategies, surprise muves and exciting team battles.

However, sometimes just watching your favorite teams’ matches on the pro scene isn’t enough. You can always add some spice and excitement to get the most out of the game. This can be achieved thanks to Parimatch dota bet.

Types of bets on Dota 2

The most common is on the result of matches. At tournaments, teams most often participate in matches up to 2 wins, and in the grand final – up to 3 wins. Also some portals allow you to bet on:

  • Which team will be the first to make 10 kills;
  • Which team will be the first to make First Blood;
  • Who will destroy the most towers.

There are also more global bets on Pari match dota 2: Which team will win The International or who will be the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor champion?

Parimatch Dota 2 betting odds

Cash payouts can vary depending on the odds of winning. They may vary depending on the level of the team, the results of the teams previous meetings with each other and so on. The odds are always specified before betting on Parimatch international, so that the user always has a clear understanding of the possible winnings in the future.

Most often they are displayed in two formats – American or decimal. Many portals themselves decide which format will be displayed, but sometimes the user can choose for themselves the more preferable option.

The odds for the first team to win, the draw and the victory of the second team. They show the total amount of winnings, not just profits.

What else can I bet on in Dota 2?

The betting options are much more extensive than simply choosing the winner of the match. Often bets are placed on the spread of the match results. In a duel, the final score can be 2:0 or 2:1. For the favorites of the meeting the spread odds will be -1.5, and for the underdogs – +1.5. Betting on a strong team, you can get a win only if the result is 2:0, and a bet on a weak team will play after their first win, even if the final score is 1:2.

Variety of possible bets on Dota 2 matches

Also in matches it is possible to bet on Dota 2 Parimatch on the indicator “More than 2.5” or “Less than 2.5” games. In this case, it does not matter which team will be the winner. If the score is 2-0, the Under 2.5 bet wins, if the score is 2-1, the Over 2.5 bet wins. This variant is the most popular in playoff tournaments: The tension grows, every team wants to pass on, so there are less “goalless” matches.

You can bet on the result of a specific card, not just on the score of the whole match. In this case, each card is treated as a separate confrontation. You can choose the winner of the bout, the approximate duration of the match, who will make First Blood and so on. These types of bets allow Dota 2 fans to show their knowledge of the pro scene and modern game meta.

What does it take to make a successful Dota 2 bet?

To increase the likelihood of success for your bets, you should pay attention to factors such as:

  • Knowledge of the game meta. Dota 2 periodically sees small patches that weaken popular heroes, change the characteristics of artifacts, and more. These changes affect the nature of the game and its speed. Such factors are definitely worth taking into account before betting. For this it is best to play Dota 2 periodically.
  • Familiarity with the pro scene. If you know the strong teams of the current season, their history of confrontation with their opponents, as well as the game form of the team, it will be easier for you to make a decision and make a bet. To do so, watch at least the majors and minors of the season, as well as some major tournaments. For example, the ESL One series competitions.

What to look for when predicting Dota 2 matches?

You need to find a good information resource.

The portal you choose should allow you to:

  • track the latest results of the team, the overall place in the rankings: with this you can understand what form the team is in now;
    Track match statistics;
  • get more information about the tournament: prize fund, rules, list of participants, standings, or a tournament grid;
  • find records of past games and broadcasts of future games.

Match selection is very important aspect to pay attention to.

It is imperative to see if the match is important for the team you want to bet on. If the match does not affect the tournament position, the team can easily play underdogs, test new strategies; key players may be missing.

You have to consider the team’s schedule. Playing multiple series on the same day is tough.

Learn tournament rules. Tournament rules are a very important aspect for Parimatch Dota 2 betting. If the competing teams are from different regions, the server on which the game will take place is of great importance. This should certainly be taken into account, because a fraction of a second can decide the outcome of a meeting.

In recent years, increased incidence of DDoS attacks players. The organizers of most tournaments give a certain amount of time to solve such problems. If the problem is not solved, the team completes the match in incomplete squad. Bets on such matches are not refundable. Almost no team is insured against such problems, but more often DDoS-attacks are attacked by the teams which are less professional. When choosing matches to bet on, you need to keep this in mind.

You need to keep track of the social networks of the players and teams you want to bet on.

  • you can find out about possible substitutions in the lineup;
  • possible changes related to the schedule of games or their postponement;
    internal team kitchen, possible practices, general team meeting at the base;
  • physical and psychological state of the players.

When organizing bets for the Llanfinals, it is important to take into consideration the experience of the team.

If a team performed well online, it is not certain that it will show the same game in the lan in front of the public and your Pari match Dota bets will be winnable.

Dota2 is a very unpredictable game, and there is no leader in the distance, so you need to take this into account when betting.


Betting on eSports, like eSports itself, is only becoming more popular every year, and the volume of betting is increasing. There are quite a few betting options on Dota 2: outcomes, handicaps, totals, first kill, first tower, roshan and so on.