Basketball bets: how to bet, types of bets and strategies

Basketball is a dynamic game, where the initiative is intercepted by the opponent almost every minute. It is difficult to predict the exact outcome, but bookmakers offer a decent selection of events for betting. You can bet not only on the result, but also on the number of points, quarter winners and some statistics. Each type of betting in basketball requires a special approach, an effective strategy that takes into account the nuances of the game.

Parimatch basketball betting

Nuances of basketball betting

When choosing any strategy for basketball betting, you need to be aware of several important features of this ball game:

  • The intensity of the competition. Players in many leagues play almost every day and are not physically capable of producing long winning streaks, even if they outclass every other opponent.
  • The level of teams in most leagues has leveled off and there are fewer and fewer hegemons each year.
  • Many teams don’t play consistently for several seasons in a row. For example, in the NBA, the perennial champion can easily fall to the underdog after two or three seasons.
  • The average number of points scored in the regular season and the playoffs is starkly different.
  • Teams get in shape over the course of a championship. The starting underdog sometimes rallies to the lead midway through or near the end of the regular season.
  • The chemistry of the team has a big influence on the result. Players who updated their roster in the offseason often have a poor start to the season.

Which leagues are better to choose for betting?

Successful clients of bookmakers often choose to bet on basketball tournaments of the National Basketball Association, leagues of the leading countries in this sport, national team games, continental club competitions (Euroleague, VTB League and others), Asian continental championships.

How to analyze basketball games?

A beginner basketball bettor should pay attention to basketball betting tips, understand the principles of basketball, and clearly understand the objectives of every player on the court. A big influence on the outcome of the match has a preparation and the general fighting ability of the team. If the five have a lot of injured players and some players have to play in odd positions, their chances of success are diminished.

The second important thing is the motivation of the team. If the team is bereft of tournament goals, it may lower its demands on itself and mentally prepare for other games, avoid the knockdowns, and lose more matches than usual. It is also worth keeping an eye on the motivation level of important players, because in basketball, the individual form of a team’s stars affects the bottom line.

The home court factor is on a similar level as in soccer or hockey, but you can’t ignore it. There are several undefeated home teams in the NBA. A winning basketball betting strategy with minimal risk. Even successful players have a losing streak in their passing, but the strategies they use can reduce the risks to a minimum. The most effective betting systems are now considered to be totals on individual periods and “total-control” tactics.

Tennis betting

Betting on table tennis has ruined many players. Learn three strategies that will increase your chances of making a profit.

On table tennis in play, mostly gamblers and beginners bet. The margin exceeds 10%, so it is almost unrealistic to make a profit over the distance. Check out the three tennis Parimatch betting strategies below to increase your chances of success.

Types of table tennis betting

There are the following table tennis betting markets:

  • Winner of set/match.
  • Handicap on points in a set/match.
  • Handicap by sets.
  • The exact number of sets.
  • Exact score in sets.
  • Total points in the game/match.
  • Total sets.
  • Individual total points in the game/match.
  • Odd/even number of points in a set/match.

Table tennis features

Please note the following rules:

  • A set is played up to 11 points. If the score is 10:10, the game is played to two points difference. For example, 12:10 or 15:17.
  • The first serve is repeated if the ball touches the net and hits the other half. If an error is made on the first serve, the opponent receives a point.
  • The match is played in an odd number of sets from three to seven. The match is played until one of the players wins the majority of games. For example, a five-set match may end with a score of 3:0 or 1:3.

How do I analyze matches for table tennis betting?

When analyzing a match, consider four components:

  • Ranking of tennis players. In the middle and end of the season, the indicator objectively reflects the level of the athlete.
  • Results of the player with strong opponents and performances at top tournaments.
    History of personal meetings.
  • The latest news about the players and their interviews.

Tips for table tennis betting

Use the entire Parimatch tennis betting line. Often the same outcome is hidden in different choices with different odds. For example: a bet on TM 19.5 with a score of 10-7 can be placed as a handicap (-3.5) or Chet.

Do not rush to bet on the clear favorite before the start of the match. Odds are often unreasonably small. Wait for the start of play. Already at the beginning of games odds can grow.

Do not bet on odd/even before the start of the game table tennis Parimatch, because it is like playing roulette. Wait until the situation (near the end of the set), when the choice of parity becomes reasonable.

Separate the set from the set. If one opponent easily wins one set, then the second set, it does not mean that he will just as easily take the third. Tennis is a very dynamic sport, and one or two lost points can decide the outcome of an entire set, and the player you bet on may decide not to waste energy and nerves in this draw and set up for the next set.

Pay attention to the behavior of players in video broadcasts of tennis matches. Often tennis players lose not because of a lack of skill, but because of not the best psychological mood. Such players yell a lot, talk to themselves, gesticulate nervously and make many similar gestures that suggest that it is better to bet against them and expect the game to continue in the same way.

Filter events. If you decide to bet on a small tournament match, keep in mind the high possibility of surprises and even the potentially rigged nature of the encounters.


There are a lot of factors that can influence your winnings. But the secret to success is not to succumb to emotions and bet on chance. The secret to winning is to analyze the match before it starts. Identifying players’ strengths and weaknesses, their behavioral systems, past results, emotional state and many nuances that a betting player needs to know.

Look at the rankings of the tennis players, study their results and the form in which they will participate in the tournament. Do an analysis of their recent performances. After getting such information, you will be able to choose a suitable strategy and build your own win-win betting system in table tennis. And, of course, get a good profit from the bet.