Basketball bets: how to bet, types of bets and strategies

In Pakistan, basketball (along with baseball and hockey) is one of the most popular sports, and betting on basketball is a big part of all sports betting. It’s not just (and not even so much) the fact that Pakistan is home to the strongest basketball league – it’s the number of equally likely outcomes that the basketball line offers.

The vast majority of professional players and bookmakers, of which there are many in Pakistan, play just such “half chance” outcomes in order to get the most even profit over the long haul. In any basketball game there are at least two equally likely events on which you can bet – handicap and total. It is because of this property that Parimatch basketball has become one of the most popular objects for big bets.

Advantages of basketball betting

A large number of equal probability events. As already stated, basketball is one of the most suitable sports for betting on equally likely events.

High betting limits on the NBA. The vast majority of big bettors bet on the NBA, including the lion’s share of players from Pakistan, who traditionally place big bets. In pursuit of this traffic, bookmakers are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for basketball bettors, offering generous betting limits on major outcomes, as well as handicaps and totals. True, this feature is more peculiar to large Western bookmaker companies. Domestic gambling establishments more often offer NBA match limits.

Low margin on the NBA. The same competition between bookmakers in the fight for the biggest players has led to the fact that almost all leading gambling establishments in the world the margin on NBA duels is less than on all other proposed competitions and sports in the line.

The regularity of the games. The fact that most basketball teams play two to four games a week makes this sport the most attractive for fans of statistics in calculations – the sample of analyzed NBA games is very solid and allows you to make fairly accurate predictions. In addition, the NBA is often the only competition on which you can bet on any day, including holidays – even on December 31 and January 1 the league always plays at least two or three games.

Disadvantages of basketball betting

Low limits and odds on Pakistani competitions. Unlike NBA games, the matches usually offer very modest upper betting limits; odds are also mostly 3-5 points lower than NBA odds. All this makes betting not the most profitable business.

Our experts have calculated the margin figures of all bookmakers based on actual events in their lines, and based on these calculations have sorted the companies into categories in order to identify the best offers for Parimatch basketball betting fans.

Weak coverage. The vast majority of bookmakers offer weak coverage on basketball games. Many of them even limit themselves to handicaps, totals and other key outcomes. Despite the fact that professionals are more than enough of this coverage, many players, accustomed to betting on soccer, it may seem very poor.

Betting types

Main outcomes

The number of main outcomes offered on a basketball match depends on which bookmaker’s office you play. Some gambling establishments open three main outcomes: P1, X and P2, adding a win including overtime to the spread, while others offer only two outcomes – P1 and P2 (this means that in case of a draw the winner will be determined in overtime).

Before you start betting on basketball, it is very important to clarify which positions in a given gambling establishment go with OT and which do not, because it often happens that handicaps and totals are calculated according to one rule, while the main outcomes are calculated according to another.


A handicap in basketball shows the final score difference in favor of one of the teams. You are required to guess whether it will be more or less than the specified value. For example, if you bet on a team with handicap -5.5, you need the team to win by at least 6 points. In case you bet on the team with a handicap of +5.5, you would expect the team to lose by at least 5 points. Handicaps in basketball are not much different from handicaps in other sports, and most bookmakers allow buying more handicaps, in which case the odds usually fall by 8-10 points for each point purchased. Adding up is usually possible from 4 to 12 points (the exact value of each office defines for itself).


Total is a type of bet in which it is to predict whether the final result of the game will be more or less than the proposed value. Almost always, the odds on “more” and “less” are the same. Totals, as well as handicaps, can be topped up, and both up and down. The dynamics of change in odds in this case is often similar to the dynamics of changes in odds quotes.

Pay attention! Bookmakers accept bets as for the total in regulation time, and the total with OT in basketball, and it is important to understand that when calculating these bets will take into account different time intervals of the game. Calculation of the total in basketball in the main time is based on the results of 4 quarters.

Basketball total betting strategy

Strategy for total in basketball at first glance seems simple. It is enough to look at the previous results of the teams and analyze how many points they score per game. However, it is not that simple: anything can happen in one particular game, and several factors can affect the game of the team: from the psychological state of the players to their physical condition.

Betting on basketball in quarters

This type of betting is very popular with those who like to bet on basketball. A quarter in basketball is a mini-match. The head coach uses different tactics, played combinations, there may be constant replacement of athletes on the court. The fatigue of the players, accumulated over the previous quarters, also affects the result. Often in betting lines you can see a bet not only on the outcome, handicap and total of each quarter, but also on the comparison of the performance of the quarters: scored more points, committed more fouls, etc.

Pari match basketball betting strategy by quarters

The strategy of betting on basketball by quarters also has its own peculiarities. Here it is necessary to have an idea of how the team plays in the first half of the game and how it plays in the second half, what are the peculiarities and differences in the actions of the team in different quarters. In the case of betting on the quarters should follow more closely what happened on the court in the previous quarter.